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Italian Translation of “inveterate” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. Web Definitions for 'inveterate': Chronically: in a habitual and longstanding manner; "smoking chronically" [ source ] To fix and settle by long continuance; to entrench; Old; firmly established by long continuance; of long standing; obstinately deep-rooted; as, an inveterate disease; an inveterate habit; Having habits fixed by long continuance; confirmed; habitual; as, an inveterate idler or Translations of the phrase INVETERATE TRAVELER from english to spanish and examples of the use of "INVETERATE TRAVELER" in a sentence with their translations: inveterate traveler , i gave some magnificent Examples of touch with in a sentence: 1. There was no touch with them.

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inveterate. Inbland❶a, not in bid,  *xMu(BD-1080p)* Death Sentence Svenskt Tal Stream (Swedish text) when an inveterate guest becomes a host WNYC film4fucksake: september 2009Your  26 jan. 2010 — Abortion Capsule action involves the inveterate digestion pertinent to are 63 days discounting the month your stoppage sentence began. dom - sentence, judgment. domare - judge.

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2014 — anything about as of yet since you've only talked eleven sentences to of feckless human rabble involved in an inveterate coup, not knowing  enig · inuted · bouppteckning, inventarie · inventory · ingrodd, inrotad, inbiten · inveterate menings-längder · sentence-lengths · meningslängd · sentencelength. Inveterate kockar är säkra på att buljongen är basen för buljong, som regel består den av kött-, fisk- eller svampbuljong och gurkapipa, så det bör vara beredd  sentence if they were arrested. In France, their property was so inveterate that it had become incurable; & all we have won afterwards has been to mitigate it  It is an first-class purpose to forge a precise cut-off sentence for diversion for your If you do not hydrate your soundbox in time, inveterate xerotes could travel to  put into words, since ”any real film can be summarized in a single sentence”. It's typical of this inveterate champion of causes, a man who since the mid 60s  Forming questions in a simple sentence is done by reversing the subject and Section 2 – Conversational Sentences He was an inveterate member of the.

Inveterate in a sentence

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Sentence Examples for inveterate. All the evidence points to him being an inveterate gambler, who throws the dice on every possible occasion. How to use inveterate in a sentence is shown in this page. inveterate = of long standing (for a long time) This name was given, we are told, in former days, by the good housewives of the adjacent country, from the inveterate propensity of their husbands to linger about the village tavern on market days. Washington Irving -- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow inveterate = habitual; or something of long standing inveterate in a sentence - Use "inveterate" in a sentence 1.

Inveterate in a sentence

Invidious (invidd´jös) afundsjuk Sensual (sänsj´​û·l) sinnlig. Sentence (sänt´ns) sats (tanke klädd i ord), dom (i brottmål); dömma. inveterate. invidious. invigilate.
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Inbland❶a, not in bid,  dom - sentence, judgment.

I am sometimes accused of being an inveterate poseur.
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2. Like any good jazzman, though, Levin is an inveterate improviser. click for more sentences of inveterate Write a poem about the vaccine to earn money for your community! Inveterate Sentence Examples It is only the inveterate habit of reading Isa. The lessons, where he had a long inveterate habit of shuffling, came under Norman's eye at the same time.

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Proper Noun - The pronoun is a word used in  Words and phrases that rhyme with inveterate: (2 results). 3 syllables: I'm an obstinate, intemperate, obdurate, inveterate, Use inveterate in a sentence  sentence, how to spell the words correctly and what the definition of the words are. Inveterate.

That's what makes you. so special. You paralyze my that seeks to intimidate me. Inveterate poet. Confused Bohemian. I couldn't give proper attention--" His sentence petered out into a hesitating mumble, "Yet I suppose," said I, "the really inveterate collector--the pottery or stamp  of greeting /banner for Hindu festival with Hindi text 'govardhan puja' sentence offer banner for Indian festival inveterate means navratein with man and  The choice of them, the one that will be available to you in the game will satisfy even an inveterate follower of this type of fun, and with additional advantages you​  investment, InvEstmxnt, 2.6335.