Read on for previews of Today, Whale Wars, Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Plastic Fantastic Brain. Fri, Jun 5, 2009 See All News. See All Trailers & Videos. TV Listings Today's Whale Wars.

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On February 15, under the cover of night, Peter James Bethune boarded a jet ski in the southern Arctic and rode the frigid waters  Whale Wars is a weekly American documentary-style reality television series that premiered on November 7, 2008 on the Animal Planet cable channel. The program followed Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as he and the crew aboard their various vessels attempted to stop the killing of whales by Japanese vessels (whalers) off the coast of Antarctica. With Chris Aultman, Paul Watson, Peter Hammarstedt, Benjamin Potts. This stunning and dangerous limited series spotlights both the controversial Japanese whaling trade and the tactics that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its staff and volunteers use to cripple it.

Paul Watson suggests them going on the whaling ship and beating themselves up and going back to the ship and claim that the Japanese did it. 2017-08-28 · We exposed Japan’s illegal activities to the world with our TV show Whale Wars and our documentation. We helped to push Australia into taking Japan to the International Court of Justice where their operations were ruled to be unlawful.

Whale wars

Whale Wars.

Whale wars

That means Whale Wars December 21, 2019 · While on an anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean in 2012, the MY Bob Barker found itself in a terrifying confrontation with whaling vessel, the Nisshin Maru.
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The show, which aired on Animal Planet from 2008 to 2015, follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they try to stop Japanese whaling ships from hunting whales.
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By Danuta Kozaki.

10. Rate. 0. Error: please try again. Sea Shepherd embark on their 10th anti-whaling campaign in the Antarctic, but for the first time they are without Captain Paul Watson.

Jan 23, 2015 In a 2013 lawsuit, Gil, who chartered a ship to protest Japanese whaling, alleged that the host of the television series “Whale Wars” deliberately  Apr 16, 2009 Season One of Whale Wars was notable for Watson's use of new and more radical tactics. Once Sea Shepherd finally caught up with a whaling  Jan 9, 2013 Paul Watson, star of Whale Wars, is accused of sabotaging the show's famous Ady Gil boat to gain more publicity for his battle against whaling  Nov 17, 2010 Report: Skippers to blame in 'Whale Wars' sinking Investigators looking into a collision between a Japanese whaler and a high-tech protest boat  Aug 9, 2012 On Wednesday, INTERPOL formally issued a Red Notice for Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (and Whale Wars fame)  Oct 11, 2010 The boat, worth $1.5 million, was used to chase down and harass whaling ships. After the crash, the Sea Shepherd crew tried to tow the boat with  Jun 2, 2011 A Kenoshan is part of the latest season of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars," trying to protect the large sea creatures. An ombudsman signs off at  Jul 13, 2010 Whale Wars. On February 15, under the cover of night, Peter James Bethune boarded a jet ski in the southern Arctic and rode the frigid waters  Jun 5, 2015 With a new $12m ship on the way and the Japanese whaling fleet on having a banner year – provided the Whale Wars stars can navigate a  Welcome to the latest instalment of the whale wars, where truth has long been a casualty. As Japan's whaling fleet set sail this week for its latest expedition to the   Whale Wars Heat Up in Antarctic.